Doctor Who necklace - "Are You My Mummy?" gas mask necklace


Length of necklace, including clasp, in inches

This "Are You My Mummy?" gas mask necklace was inspired by the chilling Doctor Who episode, "The Empty Child.

I hand-wove its chain, one ring at a time, using the Byzantine chainmaille weave in black and red. Hanging from the center of the handwoven chain is a large blackened silver-tone gas mask pendant.

This piece is a great addition to a steampunk or post-apocalyptic cosplay, and will definitely catch people's eye when you wear it!

The red and black rings used in this gas mask necklace are made from anodized aluminum, a process where the rings are dipped in an electrically charged solution and then dyed.

This gas mask necklace closes with an oversized its lobster claw clasp. The pendant itself is concave on the back side, has an antiqued finish, and measures about 1 1/2" wide